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Regent honeyeater: On the edge

Stage 6 (Years 11-12), Biology

This Saving our Species resource is ideal for Stage 6 Biology teachers. The resource and embedded depth study examine how threatened species are monitored and managed in NSW national parks.

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Conservation agencies monitor and manage threatened species in Australia to safeguard species and prevent extinction. This resource uses the Regent honeyeater as a case study, and investigates the biodiversity of the Hunter region, focusing on the following parks:

Students learn about:

  • Threatening processes
  • Contemporary issues
  • Management strategies
  • How to process and record data via an online Geographical Information System (GIS)
Stage Stage 6 (Years 11-12)
Learning area Biology
Student outcomes

BIO11/12-3. Conducts investigations to collect valid and reliable primary and secondary data and information

BIO11/12-4. Selects and processes appropriate qualitative and quantitative data and information using a range of appropriate media

BIO11-11. Analyses ecosystem dynamics and the interrelationships of organisms within the ecosystem

EES11-11. Describes human impact on the Earth in relation to hydrological processes, geological processes and biological changes



  • Identify criteria for a species to be classified as threatened, using the case study of the Regent honeyeater 
  • Investigate key threatening processes affecting the Regent honeyeater
  • Discuss actions implemented by conservation agencies to monitor and manage the species
  • Analyse and report on issues relevant to the protection and management of threatened species
  • Select, process and record data using an online Geographical Information System (GIS)


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