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From easy scenic walks, to special events, tours and full-on adventure activites, these will get you out and about.

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From rustic outback campgrounds through to luxurious coastal homesteads, find a great place to stay.

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2 girls walk past sand-sculpted formations, Walls of China, Mungo National Park. Photo: Melissa Findley/OEH

Mungo National Park

Visit World Heritage Mungo National Park, home of the famous Mungo Lady and Mungo Man, and explore a place rich in Aboriginal history. Enjoy a walk or picnic, or camp near Lake Mungo.


Park entry fees apply.

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Campers at Emu Lake campground. Photo: John Spencer/DPIE

Kinchega National Park

Camp beside the Darling River among the majestic river red gums of Kinchega National Park. Explore Aboriginal and pastoral history on a school excursion and marvel at the range of birdlife.


Park entry fees apply.

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Outback NSW
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Bald Rock lookout, Bald Rock National Park