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Mallee Cliffs National Park

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Mallee Cliffs National Park was created in April 1977. It covers an area of 57969ha. View the detailed park and fire management documents.

This park protects extensive areas of flat to undulating sandy red plains and linear sand dunes formed during arid periods from 350,000 to 500,000 years ago. The park contains a number of isolated, relict, plant communities that demonstrate shifts in the pattern of vegetation arising from long-term environmental change.

Mallee Cliffs National Park is managed to protect the sand plain and sand dune land systems and ecological communities. Emphasis is placed on the value of Mallee Cliffs National Park as a wildlife conservation area.

A policy of restricted public access for education purposes is maintained to assist in meeting conservation objectives. The park is used for educational activities by schools and colleges. Research activities which are relevant to the management of the Park and compatible with conservation objectives are encouraged.

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Australia has the worst mammal extinction in the world. Find out more about our network of feral predator-free areas that are helping the recovery of locally extinct animals, like the bilby.

A marsupial bilby under spotlight at night. Photo: Brad Leue/AWC © Brad Leue
A marsupial bilby under spotlight at night. Photo: Brad Leue/AWC © Brad Leue

These maps give a basic overview of park attractions and facilities, and may not be detailed enough for some activities. We recommend that you buy a topographic map before you go exploring.