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Prospect Nature Reserve

Closed due to current alerts 

Current alerts in this area

Last reviewed: Fri 5 April 2024, 9.16am

Applies from Wed 18 Aug 2021, 5.01pm. Last reviewed: Fri 5 Apr 2024, 9.16am.

Closed parks: Prospect Nature Reserve closed public

Prospect Nature Reserve is closed to the public indefinitely as it's part of a Special Water catchment area. There is no public access at any time.

If you wish to visit the Prospect Reservoir area, Andrew Campbell Reserve on William Lawson Drive has picnic tables, playground and toilet facilities.

For more information about visiting Andrew Campbell Reserve, please contact Sydney Water on 13 20 92. 

Nearby alerts

Applies from Mon 8 Apr 2024, 10.41am. Last reviewed: Wed 17 Apr 2024, 10.16am

Closed areas: Luxfords Trail Closed

Luxfords Trail is closed while track maintenance and repairs are undertaken.

The eastern and western extents of the park can be accessed by Mainwaring Street, Ropes Crossing and Callistemon Circuit, Jordan Springs.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.

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Applies from Fri 6 Oct 2023, 11.39am. Last reviewed: Fri 1 Mar 2024, 6.58pm

Closed parks: Yiraaldiya National Park closed during the establishment of feral predator-free area

Yiraaldiya National Park is a feral predator-free area. This means that feral predators, such as red foxes and feral cats, are being eradicated from the park. Locally extinct native wildlife are being reintroduced, including eastern bettongs, koalas and long-nosed bandicoots. For this reason, there is no access to the park while the feral predator-free area is being established. Once complete, the park will open for sustainable visitor access and enjoyment, and educational and research opportunities.

During the closure period visitors may not visit the park, and only NPWS staff and authorised contractors and volunteers are allowed entry to the park. 

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information call the local park office on 02 4580 2750.

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Applies from Thu 28 Sep 2017, 11.12am. Last reviewed: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 12.25pm

Closed parks: Kemps Creek Nature Reserve closed

This park is closed due to Phytophthora contamination, unless the closure is otherwise extended or removed.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please call the NPWS Cumberland area office on 02 4572 3100.

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