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Lagoon Circuit walking track

Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve

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  • Little Llangothlin picnic area, Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve. Photo: Rob Cleary © OEH

    Little Llangothlin picnic area

    Little Llangothlin picnic area is an ideal place for a leisurely picnic and makes for a perfect day trip from Glen Innes or Armidale.


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  • A group of bushwalkers setting out in the sunshine, Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve. Photo: DPE © DPE

    Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve

    Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve is easily accessible by driving from Glen Innes and Armidale, making it a great destination for car touring and day trips by the lagoon.


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Google Trekker at Cape Byron State Conservation Area. Photo: J Spencer/OEH.
Lagoon Circuit walking track

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