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Regatta Beach picnic area

Yanga National Park

Current alerts in this area

Last reviewed: Fri 31 May 2019, 3.08pm

Applies from Fri 24 Aug 2018, 1.01pm. Last reviewed: Fri 31 May 2019, 3.08pm.

Closed areas: No access to Regatta Beach

There is currently no access to Regatta Beach. For more information, call the NPWS Yanga area office on 03 5020 1764 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Nearby alerts

Applies from Fri 31 May 2019, 3.13pm. Last reviewed: Tue 11 Jun 2019, 2.29pm

Safety alerts: Delays in north Yanga National Park

There may be lengthy delays for people visiting Yanga's remote campgrounds at Woolpress Bend or the firewood collection site. This is because of roadworks on Waugorah Road. Please be patient, drive safely and be aware of road conditions.

For more information please call the NPWS Yanga office on 03 5020 1764.

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Regatta Beach picnic area, Yanga National Park. Photo: Courtesy of Outback Geo Adventures