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Dorrigo National Park

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Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

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Applies from Tue 10 Oct 2023, 9.13am to Fri 15 Dec 2023, 9.14am. Last reviewed: Wed 29 Nov 2023, 9.39am

Other planned events: Wonga walk partial closure

Crystal Shower Falls walk is partially closed from The Glade picnic area until Saturday 16 December 2023. The closure is to allow construction works to take place. Access to the falls remains open from Dorrigo Rainforest Centre via the lower Wonga walk.

Wonga walk will be completely re-opened during school holidays from Saturday 16 December 2023. Partial closures will be re-introduced after the school holidays, on Tuesday 30 January 2024.

For further information contact Dorrigo Rainforest Centre on 02 6657 5913.

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Applies from Wed 15 Nov 2023, 12.32pm to Fri 15 Dec 2023, 12.38pm. Last reviewed: Thu 30 Nov 2023, 2.30pm

Other planned events: Walking track evaluation camera survey

Please note that NPWS staff will be undertaking a walking track survey in this location from November to early December 2023.

The survey will involve NPWS staff carrying a 360-degree camera to visually record walking track features, as part of an annual asset maintenance assessment.

This information is to ensure quality safe NPWS walking tracks for public enjoyment.

You'll be able to identify this survey as NPWS staff will be dressed in uniform carrying an above-head mounted camera.

NPWS respects your privacy. If you do not wish to be filmed, please respectfully ask the NPWS staff member to pause the camera until you pass out of camera frame.

The survey will be undertaken across multiple parks during November 2023, so will involve only very minimal time at each location and will be scheduled outside peak visitation times, so the survey it is unlikely to affect visitors.

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Applies from Tue 25 Oct 2022, 3.50pm. Last reviewed: Wed 15 Nov 2023, 11.28am

Closed areas: Never Never picnic area shelter shed closed

Never Never picnic area shelter is closed until further notice due to damage sustained during extended wet weather. The shelter will be reconstructed in 2024.

Walking tracks and Never Never picnic area remain open. For further information call the NPWS Coffs Coast area office on 02 6652 0900.

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Applies from Mon 24 Jul 2023, 2.39pm to Fri 24 Jul 2026, 2.39pm. Last reviewed: Fri 27 Oct 2023, 7.07pm

Closed areas: West End of New England National Park closed

West end of New England National Park between Kilprotay Road & Hickeys Creek Road permanently closed.

For more information contact the local NPWS office on 02 6561 6700.


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Applies from Thu 27 Oct 2022, 1.15pm. Last reviewed: Wed 16 Aug 2023, 9.41am

Closed areas: New England National Park walking track closures

The following areas are closed for public safety, to allow NPWS to assess and manage rockfall hazards.

  • Eagles Nest walking track
  • All access to Weeping Rock
  • The lower eastern section of Lyrebird track including Tree Fern Valley 

For further information please contact the NPWS Coffs Coast area office on 02 6652 0900.

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