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Mount Grenfell Historic Site


Mount Grenfell Historic Site in Cubba protects Ngiyampaa rock art. It’s a short walk to this important Aboriginal site, and a more challenging one to a scenic lookout.

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For thousands of years before Europeans settled in this part of NSW, Ngiyampaa people regularly gathered around the semi-permanent waterhole and took shelter in the overhangs of what is now Mount Grenfell Historic Site. In the surrounding rocky ridge, you can see richly coloured paintings of human and animal figures, representations of the natural environment, and hand stencils which are of ceremonial significance to traditional owners.

Nowadays, this extensive Aboriginal rock art is protected within the park and can be reached following the short, easy Mount Grenfell art site walk. Another more challenging hiking trail, Ngiyambaa walking track, takes you further into this gorgeous landscape of red dirt, mallee bushland, open grasslands and the rocky rise of Mount Grenfell itself. The scenic view from the summit, across this low-relief plain, is vast and wide.

Bring the family and a picnic lunch, and take your time in this special place to enjoy the surroundings and learn more about Ngiyampaa culture and heritage.

Highlights in this park

  • Art site walk, Mount Grenfell Historic Site. Photo: NSW Government

    Mount Grenfell art site walk

    From the picnic area, it’s a short easy stroll along Mount Grenfell art site walk to view Aboriginal rock art, which continues to be deeply significan...

  • Ngiyambaa Walking Track, Mount Grenfell Historic Site. Photo: NSW Government

    Ngiyampaa walking track

    Ngiyampaa is a moderately challenging walk to Choy trig station at the summit of Mount Grenfell. Enjoy the scenic view from the rocky lookout point at...


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A family walk a boardwalk section of Bouddi coastal walk, Bouddi National Park. Photo: John Spencer/OEH.

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Saving our Species is an innovative conservation program in NSW. This program aims to secure as many threatened species that can be secured in the wild as possible, for the next 100 years.

Mountain pygmy possum (Burramys parvus). Photo: Cate Aitken


  • in the Outback NSW region
  • Mount Grenfell Historic Site is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather, fire danger or cultural activities.

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Mount Grenfell Historic Site. Photo: NSW Government