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Dorrigo National Park

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What we're doing

Park management activities

Dorrigo National Park has management strategies in place to protect and conserve the values of this park. Visit the detailed park and fire management documents. Here is just some of the work we’re doing to conserve these values:

Planning for the future

The community is invited to have a say on the future of Dorrigo National Park, Bindarri National Park and Bindarri State Conservation Area by commenting on the Dorrigo National Park, Bindarri National Park and Bindarri State Conservation Area draft plan of management before 15 January 2024.

Have your say on the future of Dorrigo National Park, Bindarri National Park and Bindarri State Conservation Area

Developing visitor facilities and experiences

Dorrigo National Park provides visitors with an ecologically sustainable experience, presented specifically to foster environmental and cultural understanding, awareness and appreciation. The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre welcomes visitors from around the globe to experience and learn about this precious rainforest heritage through its friendly staff, gift shop and cafe, Ranger-guided tours, interpretive displays and network of walking trails. The park's Skywalk and boardwalks make it one of Australia's most accessible World Heritage areas.

Dorrigo Escarpment Great Walk

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is undertaking a range of projects to enhance visitor facilities and create iconic, new visitor experiences in Dorrigo National Park and Bindari National Park.

Significant infrastructure funding will create a new Rainforest Visitor Centre with an accessible boardwalk, and a new multi-day walk along the escarpment edge through Gondwana World Heritage rainforests, with hut and camping accommodation.

These infrastructure projects aim to increase nature-based tourism in NSW, boost regional visitor economies, and improve environmental and cultural understanding among the community.

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Rainforest visitor centre and multi-day walk

The community is invited to have a say on the future of Dorrigo National Park and Bindarri National Park by commenting on the Dorrigo Arc Rainforest Centre and Dorrigo Escarpment Great Walk draft master plans before 15 January 2024.

Have your say on the draft master plans

Preserving biodiversity

Dorrigo National Park takes pride in and values the biodiversity in the area with strategies in place to ensure ecological communities are adequately mapped and conserved. Managing the protection of rare, endangered or threatened species is of particular significance in this park and a priority. Educational research into the habitat requirements of the wildlife in Dorrigo is an ongoing contribution to the conservation of native animal communities.

Managing weeds, pest animals and other threats

Pests and weeds have a significant impact to the ecosystems within Dorrigo National Park. Risk assessments for new and emerging weeds are carried out as an ongoing initiative within the park. Pest management of invasive weeds is a priority and an important part of the work NPWS does to protect the integrity of biodiversity which exists within Dorrigo.

Conserving our Aboriginal culture

Dorrigo National Park aims to manage Aboriginal sites with guidance from the Australia International Council on Monuments and Sites for the conservation of significant cultural places in the area. Ongoing research and maintenance of an Aboriginal sites register within the park is a priority in Dorrigo.

Managing fire

NSW is one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world as a result of our climate, weather systems, vegetation and the rugged terrain. NPWS is committed to maintaining natural and cultural heritage values and minimising the likelihood and impact of bushfires via a strategic program of fire research, fire planning, hazard reduction, highly trained rapid response firefighting crews and community alerts.


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Get involved

Volunteer at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre

Volunteer at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre

Join a fun and passionate team of people when you become a volunteer at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre shop. Help show off Dorrigo National Park to visitors from around world. Explain the park’s activities and offer information about the nearby town of Dorrigo.