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Volunteer at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre

Dorrigo National Park


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Join a fun and passionate team of people when you become a volunteer at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre shop. Help show off Dorrigo National Park to visitors from around world. Explain the park’s activities and offer information about the nearby town of Dorrigo.

Visitors, events, education, tour guides

Volunteer between 10am–4pm for a few hours or a full day, for a maximum of 2 full days a week, 7 days a week.

Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, Dorrigo National Park
Join up

If you’re interested in working with the public, have a positive personality and a love of the natural environment, then become a customer service volunteer at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre shop.

The shop offers a great range of books, gifts, postcards and souvenirs relating to this Gondwana Rainforest of Australia World Heritage Area. Share information about Gondwana rainforests, the park’s activities and the nearby town of Dorrigo with visitors from around the world.

When you join the team at Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, you’ll be part of a volunteer program that’s been successfully running for over 2 decades.

Training and orientation are provided to all volunteers, as well as free meals from Canopy Cafe during your shift. Experienced team members are always available to share their knowledge and offer support.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info

Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary/Seen Australia