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Fern Bower to Furber Steps walk

Katoomba area in Blue Mountains National Park

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Fern Bower to Furber Steps walk is a stunning walk in Blue Mountains National Park. With a steep descent and climb back up, it’s a challenging alternative route for walkers tackling Grand Cliff Top Walk.

No wheelchair access
5.5km one-way
Time suggested
3 - 4hrs
Grade 4
What to
Drinking water, hat, raincoat, sturdy shoes, suitable clothing, clothes for all weather conditions, sunscreen, snacks, first aid kit
Please note

This challenging walking track has some very steep sections. You need a moderate level of fitness.

Fern Bower to Furber Steps walk offers a memorable walk through spectacular rainforest. It’s a good option for walkers taking on Grand Cliff Top Walk who want their second day to be a little more adventurous.

You’ll begin your walk by descending Fern Bower stairs, a steep set of stairs that bring you down into Jamison Valley. From here, you’ll follow a winding path through the valley, surrounded by cool forest. Along the way you’ll find sandstone tracks, waterfalls, and some great spots for a picnic. Your final challenge comes at the base of Furber steps. This steep staircase will take you up out of the valley and back to the cliff top.

Fern Bower to Furber Steps walk is a tough walk, but the rewards are worth it. The steep staircases that carry you in and out of the valley are a window into the past. Their masterful construction, hand built down the cliff face, is particularly impressive. You’ll also have a good chance to see lyrebirds as they rustle through the undergrowth, hear their distinctive calls, and soak up the refreshing scent of the forest eucalypts.

The track is best suited for fit walkers who can handle the steep starting descent and climb at the end of the trail.

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