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Leura Cascades picnic area

Katoomba area in Blue Mountains National Park

Affected by closures, check current alerts 


Tinkling waterfalls and scenic views make Leura Cascades picnic area a family-friendly spot for a picnic and birdwatching, before a walk in nearby Blue Mountains National Park.

Picnic areas
Please note
  • Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for closures and to report any incidents at this picnic area.
  • For more information visit the council's visitor centre at Echo Point, Katoomba
  • There is currently no parking at Leura Cascades picnic area. Please park near Solitary Restaurant on Cliff Drive, or Merriwa St or Carrington Park.

Leura Cascades picnic area is managed by Blue Mountains City Council and is located outside Blue Mountains National Park.

This scenic spot is offers a reviving break on a day trip, long walk, scenic drive or cycling trip. Lie back in the shade and be serenaded by the gentle sounds of the nearby waterfalls and local birdlife. You might hear the distinct call of the bell miner or the mimicking song of the lyrebird here.

With a picture perfect backdrop, why not make the most of the opportunity and assemble the family for a group photo? Tuck into a leisurely lunch as you memorise the magnificent views.

The nearby Fern Bower circuit walk is a heart-pumper, or if you’re after a leisurely stroll, follow the track downstream to the top of Bridal Veil Falls or take the Prince Henry Cliff Walk east towards Gordon Falls lookout.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info

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Are you planning a long hike, off-track or overnight adventure, or visiting a remote part of the Greater Blue Mountains wilderness? We recommend you fill in a trip intention form and carry a personal locator beacon (PLB) for your safety.

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