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Buddong Falls walking track

Tumut area in Kosciuszko National Park

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Nearby walking tracks

  • Landers Falls lookout, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Murray Vanderveer © OEH

    Landers Falls lookout walk

    Landers Falls lookout walk, tucked into the forest between Tumut and Kiandra, wows you with dramatic views of Landers Creek waterfall plunging into the rocky gorge above Talbingo Reservoir.

  • Old Mountain Road walking track, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Murray Vanderveer © OEH

    Old Mountain Road walking track

    A challenging short walk at Talbingo near Tumut in Kosciuszko National Park, Old Mountain Road walking track offers superb scenic views of Bogong Peaks.


Nearby things to do

  • Snowy Mountains Highway, Koscisuzko National Park. Photo: Murray Vanderveer

    Snowy Mountains Highway

    Snowy Mountains Highway is a scenic driving route between Tumut and Cooma, taking in caves, campgrounds, ski fields, trails for hiking, biking and horse riding in northern Kosciuszko National Park.

  • 2 men walk to Black Perry lookout at sunrise, Tumut area, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Robert Mulally/OEH.

    Black Perry lookout

    Black Perry lookout, near Talbingo Mountain in Kosciuszko National Park, offers scenic views over the Snowy Mountains region, and is close to Tumut and Yarrangobilly Caves.

Nearby camping and accommodation

  • Buddong Falls campground, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Murray Vanderveer/NSW Government

    Buddong Falls campground

    Remote and rustic Buddong Falls campground offers a tranquil spot with walking and waterfalls in Kosciuszko National Park, near Talbingo township.

  • Jounama Creek campground, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Murray van der Veer

    Jounama Creek campground

    Jounama Creek campground, in Kosciuszko National Park, is ideal for caravans and offers families a nature escape with boating, fishing and swimming in the warmer months.

Nearby parks

  • A lone snowboarder rides slopes at Perisher Resort against a backdrop of the Snowy Mountains. Photo: Images supplied courtesy of Perisher Ski Resort

    Kosciuszko National Park

    Kosciuszko National Park spoils you with snow sports, walks and mountain biking in the Snowy Mountains. Go camping, explore caves, climb Australia's highest mountain, or stay in heritage accommodation.

  • Humes Crossing campground, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Murray Vanderveer/DPIE

    Tumut area

    The Tumut area is your launch pad into northern Kosciuszko National Park. Discover water sports and wildlife at Blowering Reservoir. Camp and explore hidden walks and waterfalls in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

Buddong Falls walking track

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