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Boyds Tower to Saltwater Creek walking track

Green Cape area in Beowa National Park

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Applies from Wed 25 Jan 2023, 4.05pm to Fri 27 Jan 2023, 4.06pm. Last reviewed: Mon 23 Jan 2023, 4.10pm

Other planned events: Nadgee NR weed control program

NPWS and NPWS contractors will be undertaking a weed control program at Nadgee Nature Reserve, Works from Wednesday 25 January to Friday 27 January 2022.

The program will be targeting cape weed and blackberry and involve the use of Metsulfuron methyl and Glyphosate and hand pulling of weeds.

Visitor areas will remain open and signage will be in place to indicate where and when work is being undertaken.

For more information contact the NPWS Merimbula area office on 02 6495 5000.

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Applies from Tue 21 Dec 2021, 3.56pm to Sat 1 Jul 2023, 11.11am. Last reviewed: Tue 10 Jan 2023, 1.06pm

Safety alerts: Bittangabee Storehouse closed

The historic storehouse at Bittangabee Bay is closed for safety reasons, until restoration works are complete.

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Applies from Sun 5 Dec 2021, 4.55pm to Sat 1 Jul 2023, 11.10am. Last reviewed: Tue 10 Jan 2023, 1.06pm

Closed areas: Jew Fish Boardwalk closure

Jewfish Boardwalk was burnt during the 2019/2020 bushfire season and is closed. Reconstruction is planned for 2022.

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