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Borenore picnic area

Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve

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With a large grassy area, barbecues and picnic tables, Borenore picnic area is a great place for a family picnic. After lunch, take an easy walk to explore Arch Cave.

Picnic areas
Opening times
Borenore picnic area is open from 9am to 7pm every day, but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.
Please note
  • Watch out for low roof levels or you may bump your head
  • Water levels in caves may rise very quickly during rain and thunderstorms. You should always check the expected weather conditions before entering any of the caves. If rain is predicted, you should consider putting off your cave trip till another day.
  • The ground in the cave can be slippery, so take care, wear sturdy shoes and take a torch
  • The oil on our skin alters the way stalactites and stalagmites grow and can even change the colour of the rock, so please look but don’t touch
  • Please do not damage or remove rocks from the area

The large grassy space at Borenore picnic area is a perfect place for the kids to run around before a picnic lunch.

Bring a picnic rug to lay out under the shade of one of the trees, or you can set up at one of the picnic tables. If you’ve driven along the Borenore trail before arriving at the caves, you’ll definitely have some tasty things to cook up on the reserve’s barbecues.

After you’ve enjoyed a picnic lunch at Borenore, the walk to Arch Cave is a must. It’s an easy walk and it's a good idea to take a torch with you so the kids can get a close up view of the stalactites and stalagmites in the cavern. In summer, the caves offer some respite from the hot day and they’re also home to a range of creatures, so keep your eyes peeled.

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A family walk a boardwalk section of Bouddi coastal walk, Bouddi National Park. Photo: John Spencer/OEH.

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