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Aboriginal cultural walks and activities

Did you know Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world, traced back at least 50,000 years?

Learn even more with your family discovering traditional cultural pathways in NSW national parks.

Don’t miss the ancient rock art and engravings at Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place in Brisbane Waters National Park. The Yuelarbah and Leggy Point Loop walking tracks in Glenrock State Conservation Area are also highlights to discover on your own or through a guided experience.

Leggy Point loop walking track in Glenrock State Conservation Area. Photo: John Spencer/DPIE
Ferns growing along the rock wall at the Drip. Credit: Natasha Webb © DPIE/Natasha Webb

The Drip walking track

The Drip walking track, in Goulburn River State Conservation Area, meanders beside Goulburn River to The Drip, or 'the Great Dripping Wall’. Rain water trickling through the porous rock wall makes it a cool oasis.

Free park entry.
2.8km return
1hr - 1hr 30min
Grade 3
Goulburn River National Park in Country NSW