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Boating safety

It’s great to get out on your boat for a day of fishing, some waterskiing or just to relax and take in the scenery. Keep yourself and your passengers safe when on the water.

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Check your craft thoroughly in all respects before heading out on the water.

It's important that all safety gear is in good condition and ready for use. A lifejacket stowed under the anchor chain or a distress flare which has expired will not do the job it was designed for and that is to help save a life.

Lifejackets are perhaps the single most important safety item on any boat and there should be one on board for each person including people that are waterskiing (or being towed in any other manner). Children and poor swimmers should wear a lifejacket at all times when afloat.

Boats must observe appropriate distances between vessels.

For more information visit the Roads and Maritime Services website.

Boat jetty, Garigal National Park. Photo: Kevin McGrath