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Superb fairy wren

The striking blue and black plumage of the adult male superb fairy wren makes for colourful bird watching across south-eastern Australia. The sociable superb fairy wrens, or blue wrens, are Australian birds living in groups consisting of a dominant male, mouse-brown female ‘jenny wrens’ and several tawny-brown juveniles.

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The superb fairy wren, or blue wren, is named after the velvety blue and black plumage of the adult male of these unique Australian birds. A bird-watching favourite across south-eastern Australia, superb fairy wrens live in low-lying shrubs and grassy areas including coastal heath, forest understorey and urban margins. 

Both sociable and territorial, superb fairy wrens live in groups that include one adult male and a number of mouse-brown ‘jenny wrens’, which include females as well as several juvenile birds. The adolescent males have a tawny-brown colouring, similar to the female, and acquire their dazzling plumage in their first breeding year.  

Animal facts

Common name
Superb fairy wren
Scientific name
Malurus cyaneus
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this animal is found