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Blueberry ash

The blueberry ash is a rainforest shrub which produces blue olive-shaped berries and spectacular bell-shaped flowers, which often appear on the plant together. It is a tall slender shrub or small tree found in rainforest, tall eucalypt forest and coastal bushland in eastern NSW, south-east Queensland and Victoria.

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Blueberry ash, also known as ash quandong or blue olive berry, normally grows to a height of 5-15m, and thrives along gullies and waterways. In lush rainforest habitat, they've been known to reach 30m.

Blueberry ash flowers in the summer, producing a mass of bell-shaped flowers that are usually white, and occasionally pink. The beautiful fringe-edged flowers produce a blue olive-shaped fruit that ripens from April to October, attracting a range of Australian birds such as wonga pigeons and crimson rosellas.

Plant facts

Common name
Blueberry ash
Scientific name
Elaeocarpus reticulatus

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