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Rainforest environments

The precious rainforests of NSW are the most diverse of any in Australia, making them incredible environments alive with great biological diversity. They provide the perfect environment for outdoor activities like walking, bird watching and mountain biking.

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Rainforests range in type from the lush subtropical forests of the eastern seaboard to the dry vine-filled thickets found on the semi-arid northwest NSW slopes. They are characterised by a dramatic closed continuous tree canopy. This makes them cool, shaded places in which to enjoy a range of fun outdoor activities, including walking, mountain biking, car touring, bird watching and picnicking.

Within the rainforests of NSW you can see a huge variety of plants, including many ‘primitive’ plants that are direct descendants of the earliest Gondwana flowering forms. Rainforest animals include many different mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. Around 25 species of bats alone are known to inhabit NSW's rainforests.

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