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Kosciuszko keepers and seekers

Stage 3 (Years 5-6), Geography, Thredbo-Perisher area


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Kosciuszko Keepers and Seekers invites Stage 3 (Years 5-6) primary students to delve into the Thredbo River area, Kosciuszko National Park. It helps them understand the delicate balance between human activity and the park's unique plants and animals.

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This Stage 3 Geography excursion illustrates the natural features of Kosciuszko National Park. Students gain insights into the ecological importance of the park and the challenges it faces. This includes the conservation of endangered Alpine skinks, which are essential for maintaining the alpine ecosystem's balance.

The excursion equips students with practical skills, like using a compass. Lessons on safety and sustainability give students a sense of stewardship of the park's future. They'll engage with the montane forest using all their senses, giving them a personal connection with this special and unique landscape.

For program outline, safety and practical information about this excursion, see info for teachers

Stage Stage 3 (Years 5-6)
Learning area Geography
Student outcomes

GE3-1. Describes the diverse features and characteristics of places and environments

GE3-2. Explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

GE3-4. Acquires, processes and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry


Students will:

  • Explore the natural features and characteristics of Kosciuszko National Park
  • Consider human impacts on natural places and how they can be managed to protect unique environments
  • Observe the plants and animals living in the park, and the relationships between them
  • Prepare for safe and responsible behaviour in an alpine national park
  • Develop basic field data collection and recording techniques

Excursion details


Weekdays all year.

Guided. Available on request.
Easy. Guided tour and activities on an undulating paved pathway along the Thredbo River.

$12 per student, minimum fee of $300.

Meeting point
Thredbo River picnic area, off Kosciuszko Road.
If you would like to organise a NPWS school excursion please get in touch with local staff or use the 'Enquire' link for the online form.
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Park info

  • in the Thredbo-Perisher area of Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains region
  • The Thredbo-Perisher area is open all year, but some roads and trails may close due to weather conditions or park management issues. Kosciuszko Road is closed between Perisher and Charlotte Pass in winter (June to October long weekends).
  • Park entry fees apply on Alpine Way and Kosciuszko Road

    Winter (June to October long weekends): $29 per vehicle per day (24hrs from purchase); motorcycles $12; bus passengers $11.45 per adult, $3.60 per child per day. Find out more about the winter entry surcharge.

    Rest of Year: $17 per vehicle per day (24hrs); motorcycles $7; bus passengers $6.60 per adult, $2.20 per child per day.

    Passes: Day passes, multi-day passes and annual All Parks Pass available from NPWS visitor centres, local agents and operating vehicle entry stations. Single and Multi-Day passes are also available via the Park'nPay app. Short Breaks Pass: $68 for 5 days park entry at price of 4 days (not valid winter).

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