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Pilliga Nature Reserve joint management program

Gawambaraay Pilliga Co-Management Committee is working hand-in-hand with NSW National Parks to manage Pilliga Nature Reserve, Willala Aboriginal Area and Dandry Gorge Aboriginal Area. The joint management program facilitates sustained and proactive input from local Aboriginal communities in the management of this significant area.

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Pilliga Nature Reserve and its surrounding parks are extremely important to the Gamilaraay Aboriginal People, with grinding grooves, rock engravings and art sites evidencing its long history of Aboriginal life.

The Gawambaraay Pilliga Co-management Committee works in partnership with NSW National Parks to balance the conservation of Aboriginal places and artefacts with their tourism value. As outlined in the memorandum of understanding, the focus of the committee is ensuring the identification and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage values and supporting the Gamilaraay People’s continued connection to Country.

NSW National Parks and the committee, comprising local elders and representatives, work cooperatively on employment, education, reserve access, public visitation and management planning.

With successes including a Conservation and Management Plan for the Sandstone Caves, the Sculptures in the Scrub project at Dandry Gorge, and extensive Aboriginal site surveying and recording, this joint management program is highly regarded around the state.

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