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Gambells Rest campground

Morton National Park

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Applies from Sat 9 Apr 2022, 1.03pm. Last reviewed: Thu 1 Jun 2023, 7.10pm

Closed areas: Parts of Blue Mountains National Park closed

Many walking tracks, roads and fire trails within Blue Mountains National Park remain closed following sustained wet weather causing subsidence hazards, major landslides or infrastructure upgrades. 

The following areas are closed:

Katoomba and Leura

  • Furber Steps, Round walk and Underfalls track are closed from Wednesday 24 May 2023 for upgrade works.
  • Honeymoon Bridge is closed due to rockfall risk.
  • Honeymoon Point lookout is closed due to upgrade works.
  • Lone Lyrebird track is closed between Gordon Road and the War Memorial, due to subsidence. Detour is in place.
  • Lyrebird Dell walking track is closed due to track maintenance. 
  • Leura Cascades/Fern Bower Circuit has a minor detour due to a landslide on Prince Henry Cliff walk. You must return via Leura Cascades track.  
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk is closed between Gordon Falls lookout and Olympian lookout, due to landslides. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information.  
  • Leura Cascades picnic area is closed to vehicles. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information. 
  • Wollumai lookout between Cliff View lookout and Echo Point, Katoomba is closed for upgrade works.
  • Glenraphael Drive is closed due to major subsidence. Narrow Neck, Ruined Castle and Golden Stairs are accessible to pedestrians and cyclists from Narrow Neck lookout on Cliff Drive.
  • Tallawalla lookout is closed for upgrade works.
  • Part of Lindeman Pass is closed due to a major landslide below Gladstone lookout. 
  • Mt Hay Road closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from Monday 22 May to Friday 9 June 2023 to allow for roadworks. This prevents access to Lockleys Pylon, Fortress Ridge, Butterbox Point and Mt Hay. Access available on weekends.  

Wentworth Falls

  • No access to the top and middle of Wentworth Falls, Rocket Point and Weeping Rock walking track, Chester Road and Little Switzerland Fire Trial due to Hazard Reduction Burning from Saturday 3rd June 2023 until areas are declared safe.  
  • Hut is closed for renovations and is due to open late 2023. 
  • Valley of the Waters track is closed below Sylvia Falls. There is no access to Roberts Pass, Vera Falls, Hippocrene Falls or Wentworth Falls from Valley of the Waters.
  • Charles Darwin walk is closed where it traverses council-managed land due to upgrades. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information.
  • National Pass is closed due to landslide.
  • Wentworth Pass is closed due to landslide.
  • Ingar Road is closed where it traverses private property at the western end. You can walk in to Ingar campground via Andersons or Bedford Roads.

Blackheath, Mount Victoria and Bells Line of Road

  • No vehicle access to Pt Pilcher Lookout/ fire trail  or Juggler canyon from Thursday 1st June 2023 to allow for helicopter operations. Area remains open to pedestrians.  
  • Govetts Leap lookout and picnic area are closed for major upgrade work (opening early June 2023).  
  • Govetts Creek access routes including Horse track, Govetts Leap descent and Rodriguez Pass (Bridal Veil Falls) are closed due to landslides.
  • Pulpit walking track is closed from Cripps lookout to Pulpit Rock lookout. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for further information.
  • Perrys Lookdown campground is closed.
  • Horse track and Rodriguez Pass are closed due to rock falls and landslides. Entry is not permitted due to serious risk of injury or death. Entry is not permitted into the Grose Valley from Govetts Leap, Evans lookout, Grand Canyon track, or South of Acacia Flat.
  • Medlow Airstrip trail is closed to walkers and cyclists from Thursday 11 May to Friday 16 June 2023 due to fire trail maintenance works.

Woodford, Lawson, Springwood

Empire Pass is closed for track maintenance.  

Canyons and rock climbing

Climbing and canyoning areas in the Blue Mountains are open unless the access road is closed or the site is listed in this alert.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the local office.

Applies from Tue 11 Apr 2023, 2.16pm to Fri 23 Jun 2023, 5.00pm. Last reviewed: Wed 24 May 2023, 9.00am

Closed parks: Park Closed

Abercrombie River National Park is closed for trail repairs until Friday 23 June 2023. Bummaroo Ford Campground remains open. 

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, call the local NPWS office on 02 6336 6200.

Applies from Mon 29 May 2023, 1.36pm to Fri 30 Jun 2023, 1.37pm. Last reviewed: Mon 15 May 2023, 1.44pm

Closed areas: Barren Grounds Nature Reserve closed in evenings for ground pest control operation

Barren Grounds Nature Reserve is closed for overnight ground shooting pest operations, from 6pm to 6am on the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings between Monday 30 May to Friday 30 June 2023.

Do not enter the closed areas during these times. Penalties apply for non-compliance.

This shooting is part of a multi-park pest control program which is targeting deer but other pest animals (including pigs, goats, foxes and feral cats) will also be targeted if observed during the operation. The program aims to reduce the significant impact these pest animals have on native plants and animals including threatened species. Whilst shooting may not be conducted on all of the above nights, the park is closed to allow operations to be conducted at short notice during favourable weather conditions.

For more information, contact the Illawarra Highlands park office at

Applies from Fri 5 May 2023, 2.48pm to Sat 1 Jul 2023, 2.48pm. Last reviewed: Fri 5 May 2023, 2.53pm

Other planned events: Notice of 1080 aerial baiting program

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is conducting an aerial baiting program in Abercrombie River National Park (NP), Blue Mountains NP, Gardens of Stone NP, Jenolan Karst Conservation Area (KCA), Kanangra-Boyd NP, Mares Forest NP, Turon NP and Wollemi NP from Monday 22nd May 2023 to Friday 2nd June 2023.

The operation will use 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) poison for the control of wild dogs and foxes.

The program is designed to minimise predator impacts on wildlife, especially threatened species, and to minimise impact of wild dogs on neighbouring stock.

Signs will be placed at the entry to the baiting location. Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW National Parks managed lands. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.

Please contact the local NPWS Oberon office for more information on 02 6336 6200

Applies from Wed 21 Sep 2022, 1.08pm to Mon 31 Jul 2023, 1.09pm. Last reviewed: Fri 19 May 2023, 10.55am

Other planned events: 1080 fox ground baiting program

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is conducting a continual and ongoing 1080 ground baiting program for the control of foxes from Tuesday 14 March to Monday 31 July 2023 to reduce the impacts on threatened species.

The operation will target foxes in the Carrington Falls, Budderoo Plateau, Knights Hill and Barren Grounds areas. Baits have been placed on NPWS estate, private property and Crown road reserves with permissions.

There are 1080 baiting signs at the entrance to baiting areas. Don’t touch baits or ejector devices. Some baits may be buried.

1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) is lethal to pets (including domestic dogs and cats) and working dogs. In the event of accidental poisoning, seek immediate veterinary assistance. Domestic pets, including dogs and cats, are not permitted in national parks or reserves. Restrain working and assistance dogs to ensure they don’t enter the baiting areas.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact Melinda Norton at the NPWS Fitzroy Falls area office on 02 4887 8244 or send an email.

Applies from Fri 5 Mar 2021, 1.54pm. Last reviewed: Mon 8 May 2023, 11.40am

Closed areas: Camping closed due to flood and fire damage

Camping is closed at the following campgrounds due to fire damage and flooding. The closed campground include (open for day-use only): 

  • Pauls Point
  • Sundeck 
  • Sawyers 
  • Burrawang

Please not that the campgrounds will remain open for day use. Some campgrounds may be affected by flood debris following heavy rain, and there may be steep sand walls to access sites.

Please be cautious and move onto another campground if safety issues occur. There have been many changes to campgrounds along the river, including reduced campground capacity. Some sites also have extensive regrowth following fires.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the local office.

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Applies from Tue 3 Aug 2021, 4.38pm. Last reviewed: Tue 11 Apr 2023, 11.02am

Other planned events: Notice of herbicide treatment program

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and WaterNSW will be conducting a herbicide treatment program between Tuesday 3 August 2021 and Wednesday 2 February 2022.

This treatment will mainly affect Lake Yarrunga foreshore areas along the Kangaroo River. The program involves the use of garlon 3A for the control of the weed ludwigia longifolia.

For further information, please email the NPWS Illawarra Highlands area office or call 02 4887 8244. 

Affects 1 park and 1 location nearby. Show list

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Park info

  • in Morton National Park in the South Coast and Country NSW regions
  • Morton National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

    Parts of the south-eastern area of this park were once used for military training and may contain unexploded artillery shells. These areas have restrictions in place for your safety.

  • Park entry fees: 

    Fitzroy Falls: $4 per vehicle per day. Bundanoon area: $8 per vehicle per day. The park has pay machines - cash and cards accepted.

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