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Stonewoman Aboriginal Area

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Stonewoman Aboriginal Area is a special place. Here are just some of the reasons why:

The cultural legacy of the Murri People

Stonewoman Aboriginal Area. Photo: OEH

Historically, Aboriginal people who occupied the Western New England Tablelands were the Murri. Today’s descendants speak of stories handed down from the ‘old people’, which tell of a time when all Murri People were part of the same group, with a shared language and customs. A Great Flood divided the Murri into isolated tribes, which then developed their own laws and traditions. A visit to the Tingha area is therefore a visit to a place rich in Aboriginal heritage, where the landscape is understood through a dense net of stories and legends. Tingha Stonewoman is one such legend, and shows how the Aboriginal people relate to landscape directly, using it to illustrate and communicate beliefs and social customs from generation to generation. A woman’s teaching and ceremonial site, Stonewoman Aboriginal Area is a great example of the Aboriginal approach to the world that can be understood by everybody.

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