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Guula Ngurra National Park

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What we're doing

Park management activities

Guula Ngurra National Park has management strategies in place to protect and conserve the values of this park. Visit the detailed park and fire management documents.

Conserving Aboriginal culture

Guula Ngurra National Park remains an important place for Aboriginal people. The park lies within the Gundungurra Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) area and the needs and aspirations of the Gundungurra people are considered in land management practices and the protection and maintenance of cultural heritage.

Preserving biodiversity

A core focus of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service’s (NPWS) work in Guula Ngurra National Park is preserving biodiversity, with the park playing a key role in the NSW Koala Strategy. As part of these efforts, and in partnership with the Traditional Owners and other agencies, Koala Restoration Planting Community Days have been held and community volunteers have planted over 31 hectares of cleared land with koala habitat trees.

Developing visitor facilities and experiences

As an important area of conservation and cultural significance, NPWS is adding new facilities and infrastructure to Guula Ngurra National Park. These facilities and attractions will improve access to the park, supporting the role it plays with local communities and allowing greater visitation, while following a sustainable, minimal impact approach.

Managing weeds, pests and animals

The varied bioregions of Guula Ngurra National Park are significantly impacted by weeds and pests. To protect the area, blackberry and serrated tussock control programs are conducted across the park, as well as vertebrate pest control programs.

Managing fire

As a result of our climate, weather systems, vegetation and rugged terrain, NSW is one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world. NPWS is committed to minimising the likelihood and impact of bushfires, via a strategic program of fire research, fire planning, hazard reduction, firefighting training and community alerts.


  • in the Country NSW region
  • The Mount Penang and Little Forest West areas of Guula Ngurra National Park are always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

    The Tugalong area of Guula Ngurra National Park is open to the public from 8.30am to 5pm on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month between 1 March and 31 October. Visitors must arrive onsite before 2pm. The area is closed to the public at other times to protect sensitive natural and cultural heritage values.

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Upcoming alerts

For all planned management events such as hazard reduction burns and pest control operations see the alerts page.