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Georges River National Park

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What we're doing

Park management activities

Georges River National Park has management strategies in place to protect and conserve the values of this park. Visit the detailed park and fire management documents. Here is just some of the work we’re doing to conserve these values:

Understanding landscapes and geology

Georges River National Park values the protection and conservation of biodiversity, land and native vegetation. Ongoing initiatives are carried out within this park, and are designed to deliver important landscape conservation outcomes.

Restoring Yeramba Lagoon

Yeramba Lagoon was formed in 1963 when Bankstown Council dammed a small freshwater stream which fed into the Georges River. The lagoon quickly filled with exotic weeds, which forced out the native birds and animals. In January 2018, NPWS began work to return the lagoon back to its original state as a saltwater estuary.

Engineering works finished on 26 June 2021. The lagoon is now a saltwater lake at high tide, teeming with fish fry. Low tide exposes the roots of the exotic weeds, which will slowly decay over time allowing mangroves to establish on the margins of the estuary. Already, native birds like swamphens and ducks are starting to return to the estuary. The next task is to re-establish native plants in the head area of the old lagoon, which has been covered by weeds for over 50 years.

Preserving biodiversity

Georges River National Park upholds its biodiversity by protecting and conserving its land and native vegetation. Conservation activities are habitually carried out in this park, and can include surveys and data collection on species distribution and population and fire management strategies. NPWS liaises with relevant agencies where required on issues of biodiversity in Georges River National Park.

Managing weeds, pest animals and other threats

Pests and weeds have a significant impact to the ecosystems within Georges River National Park. Risk assessment and the implementation of pest management strategies is an important part of the work NPWS does to protect biodiversity values within this park.

Developing visitor facilities and experiences

By providing quality visitor facilities and offerings, and conserving park landscapes, NPWS works to increase opportunities for people to visit and enjoy Georges River National Park. Enhancements to amenities and infrastructure are carried out in this national park, and improvements to park systems, processes and services are ongoing.

Conserving our Aboriginal culture

Georges River National Park is the traditional country of Dharug and Dharawal People. Containing numerous significant Aboriginal sites, including shell middens, rock art and engravings, it features many facets of Aboriginal culture. There are ongoing projects to monitor these sites, and NPWS works to preserve the cultural values of the park for future generations.

Managing fire

NSW is one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world as a result of our climate, weather systems, vegetation and the rugged terrain. NPWS is committed to maintaining natural and cultural heritage values and minimising the likelihood and impact of bushfires via a strategic program of fire research, fire planning, hazard reduction, highly trained rapid response firefighting crews and community alerts.


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  • Georges River National Park is open from 6am to 7.30pm during daylight savings (6am – ­6.30pm at other times) but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

  • Park entry fees:

    $8 per vehicle per day. The park has coin-operated pay machines at the gate. Please bring correct coins, as no change is given. You can also pay for your visit via the Park’nPay app.

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