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Yuwura Yurun

Culgoa National Park

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All the practical information you need to know about Yuwura Yurun.

Track grading

Features of this track


10km loop


3 - 4hrs

Quality of markings

Limited signage

Experience required

Some bushwalking experience recommended




Occasional steps

Quality of path

Formed track, some obstacles

Getting there and parking

Get driving directions

Get directions

    Yuwura Yurun (Sandhill track) is in the Burban Grange precinct of Culgoa National Park. To get there:

    • Take the unsealed road north-east of Bourke for 180km, or the unsealed, dry weather road north of Brewarrina for 120km.
    • The Yuwura Yurun carpark is at the information bay, which is only 600m into the park.
    • Alternatively, access the walk along Culgoa Connellys track which starts from Culgoa campground, 14km from the southern entrance of the park.

    The small townships of Weilmoringle, on the south-west side of Culgoa, and Goodooga, on the east side of Culgoa, offer no fuel, so please ensure you have enough before departure.

    Road quality

    Check the weather before you set out as the road to Culgoa National Park can become boggy when it rains and the roads are susceptible to flooding.


    Parking is available at Yuwura Yurun carpark or Culgoa River campground.

    Best times to visit

    There are lots of great things waiting for you in Culgoa National Park. Here are some of the highlights.


    After reasonable winter rains, the park erupts with blooms of native wildflowers, and animals begin to raise their young.


    Summer in Culgoa can be incredibly hot, so hiking should be attempted by experienced walkers only. For everybody else, this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the coolness of Culgoa River.


    This is a great time to settle in at Culgoa River campground, with winter the best time for walking in the park. Wildlife is still abundant and birdwatching is superb.

    Weather, temperature and rainfall

    Summer temperature


    21°C and 34.9°C

    Highest recorded


    Winter temperature


    5.7°C and 19.6°C

    Lowest recorded



    Wettest month


    Driest month


    The area’s highest recorded rainfall in one day



    Drinking water is not available in this area, so it’s a good idea to bring your own.

    Maps and downloads

    Safety messages

    Bushwalking safety

    If you're keen to head out on a longer walk or a backpack camp, always be prepared. Read these bushwalking safety tips before you set off on a walking adventure in national parks.

    This park is in a remote location, so please ensure you’re well-prepared, bring appropriate clothing and equipment and advise a family member or friend of your travel plans. The walking opportunities in this park are suitable for experienced bushwalkers who are comfortable undertaking self-reliant hiking. 

    Mobile safety

    Dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Download the Emergency Plus app before you visit, it helps emergency services locate you using your smartphone's GPS. Please note there is limited mobile phone reception in this park and you’ll need mobile reception to call Triple Zero (000).

    Outback safety

    Safety is of high priority in outback areas. In summer, temperatures can reach up to 50°C in some places. Food, water and fuel supplies can be scarce. Before you head off, check for road closures and use our contacts to stay safe in the outback.


    Gathering firewood


    Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dog walking and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


    NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

    Yuwura Yurun

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    Park info

    • in Culgoa National Park in the Outback NSW region
    • Culgoa National Park is always open, but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.