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Weddin Gap to Black Spring loop trail

Weddin Mountains National Park

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All the practical information you need to know about Weddin Gap to Black Spring loop trail.

Track grading

Features of this track


23.5km loop


8 - 12hrs

Quality of markings

Clearly sign posted

Experience required

Some bushwalking experience recommended


Very steep


No steps

Quality of path

Formed track

Getting there and parking

Get driving directions

Get directions

    Weddin Gap to Black Spring loop trail is in the southern section of Weddin Mountains National Park. To get there:

    • Drive 30km from Grenfell towards Bimbi along Mary Gilmore Way
    • Turn north onto Grimms Lane
    • Travel for about 4.5km then turn right to enter Weddin State Forest (close the gate behind you).
    • Take the first left and follow this state forest trail to the national park boundary and a clearly marked gate

    There's no vehicle access in Weddin Mountains National Park

    Road quality

    Check the weather before you set out as the access roads through the state forest can become impassable after rain.


    Limited parking is available at the park boundary where the walking track meets Weddin State Forest. If leaving a vehicle at this entrance, please do not block the gate.

    Best times to visit

    There are lots of great things waiting for you in Weddin Mountains National Park. Here are some of the highlights.


    Cooler days make it an ideal time to undertake some of the longer walks. It's also a good time to wander around Seaton's Farm to investigate and compare machinery used back then to what we have today.


    A great time to see the wildflowers that blanket much of the ground. Venture up to the lookouts to see the sprawling surrounding farming country.


    Enjoy a free barbecue at Ben Hall's campground.

    Weather, temperature and rainfall

    Summer temperature


    30°C and 33°C

    Highest recorded


    Winter temperature


    12°C and 15°C

    Lowest recorded



    Wettest month


    Driest month


    The area’s highest recorded rainfall in one day



    • Toilets can be found at Ben Halls campground and Holy Camp 
    • Drinking water is not available in this area, so it’s a good idea to bring your own.
    • You're encouraged to bring gas or fuel stoves, especially in summer during the fire season.

    Maps and downloads

    Safety messages

    Bushwalking safety

    • If you're bushwalking in this park, it’s a good idea to bring a topographic map and compass, or a GPS.
    • The walking opportunities in this park are suitable for experienced bushwalkers who are comfortable undertaking self-reliant hiking

    Mobile safety

    Dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Download the Emergency Plus app before you visit, it helps emergency services locate you using your smartphone's GPS. Please note there is limited mobile phone reception in this park and you’ll need mobile reception to call Triple Zero (000).

    Outback safety

    Safety is of high priority in outback areas. In summer, temperatures can reach up to 50°C in some places. Food, water and fuel supplies can be scarce. Before you head off, check for road closures and use our contacts to stay safe in the outback.



    Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dog walking and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


    NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

    Weddin Gap to Black Spring loop trail

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