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Rock Pool walking track

Kwiambal National Park

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Rock Pool walking track is in Kwiambal National Park, near Macintyre Falls picnic area. Use this short trail from Macintyre Falls lookout to reach a large, natural pool fed by the falls.

After soaking up bird's-eye views from Macintyre Falls lookout, take this 400m (return) track down to the plunge pool below. It’s a great spot to enjoy a dip in cool waters as you admire Macintyre Falls and the towering cliffs above.


  • A person sitting at a picnic table next to a shelter and water tank at Macintyre Falls picnic area in Kwiambal National Park. Photo © DPE

    Macintyre Falls picnic area

    Macintyre Falls picnic area is in Kwiambal National Park near Macintyre Falls lookout. It’s a great spot to stop for lunch when you’re exploring the park or if you're visiting the village of Ashford.

  • Macintyre Falls, Kwiambal National Park. Photo: Michael van Ewijk/NSW Government

    Macintyre Falls lookout

    Adjacent to a well-equipped picnic area, Macintyre Falls lookout offers scenic views over the river, with nearby swimming, hiking and fishing opportunities.

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