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Cathedral Rock track

Cathedral Rock National Park

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Cathedral Rock track is an exciting and challenging walk, near to Barokee campground and Round Mountain, offering scenic views across the New England Tablelands from the summit.

6km loop
Time suggested
1hr 30min - 2hrs 30min
Grade 5
What to
Drinking water, hat, sunscreen
Please note
  • Please be aware that boulders along this walk will be slippery when wet
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch

Hike up Cathedral Rock to sit on a natural throne – perched on 200m of stacked boulders – and survey your kingdom. The nearby Round Mountain is the highest point of the New England Tablelands, although only by a royal whisker at 1584m.

The track is most easily accessed from Barokee campground. Follow the circuit clockwise and hike through sub-alpine woodland to the summit turnoff. Rock-hopping is the scientific term for what you’ll be doing for much of the next 400m as you clamber over boulders and straddle crevices. On the way back, keep following the circuit around through a protected valley of manna gums.

For the intrepid, pack headlamps and set out to Cathedral Rock at sunrise or sunset. Remember to take your camera, a raincoat, warm clothes, and a flask of coffee to reward yourself with for when you reach the top.

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  • View of the large sphere of Cathedral Rock perched on a rock outcrop in a rugged and rocky bush landscape. Photo © Tina Sullivan

    Cathedral Rock lookout

    Cathedral Rock lookout is in Cathedral Rock National Park along Cathedral Rock track. Perched atop remarkable stacked boulders, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding tablelands.


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