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Bangalore Falls walking track

Bindarri National Park

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All the practical information you need to know about Bangalore Falls walking track.

Track grading

Features of this track


1km return


15 - 45min

Quality of markings

Sign posted

Experience required

Some bushwalking experience recommended


Short steep hills

Quality of path

Formed track, some obstacles: The track is 1m-wide with a number of surfaces, including hard-packed ground on the steps and natural surfaces with leaf litter, clay and rock.


Occasional steps: Parts of the track are short and steep, with steps and no handrails.

Other barriers

Pinch points: The walk may narrow at points due to natural features such as tree roots, rocks and plants.

Other barriers: There's a rock drainage line along the track

Getting there and parking

Get driving directions

Get directions

    Bangalore Falls is in the western precinct of Bindarri National Park. To get there:

    • Follow the directions to the park entrance via Eastern Dorrigo Way
    • Take Range Road to get to Bangalore Falls


    Parking is available in a parking bay at the trail head at Bangalore Falls.

    Best times to visit

    There are lots of great things waiting for you in Bindarri National Park. Here are some of the highlights.


    Get off the beaten track and take your 4WD through pristine bushlands, stopping to see the magnificent Bangalore Falls.


    Enjoy picnicking and swimming by the river and easy walking to see spectacular waterfalls.


    Take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of Urumbilum River.


    Head off on your mountain bike and explore the remote forest trails.

    Weather, temperature and rainfall

    Summer temperature


    18°C and 27°C

    Highest recorded


    Winter temperature


    7°C and 20°C

    Lowest recorded



    Wettest month


    Driest month


    The area’s highest recorded rainfall in one day



    There are toilets at Bangalore Falls picnic area where this walk begins.

    Maps and downloads

    Safety messages

    Bushwalking safety

    If you're keen to head out on a longer walk or a backpack camp, always be prepared. Read these bushwalking safety tips before you set off on a walking adventure in national parks.

    Mobile safety

    Dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Download the Emergency Plus app before you visit, it helps emergency services locate you using your smartphone's GPS. Please note there is limited mobile phone reception in this park and you’ll need mobile reception to call Triple Zero (000).

    Waterfall safety

    Waterfalls are beautiful destinations but please be safe when visiting these natural wonders. Read these waterfall safety tips before exploring waterfalls on your next walk.


    Disability access level - no wheelchair access

    There are sections of Bangalore Falls walking track where people with reduced mobility may need assistance:

    • Parts of the track are short and steep with steps. The steps don't have handrails.
    • The walk narrows in places due to natural features such as tree roots, rocks and plants.
    • The track has a number of surfaces, some of which may require assistance to cross (including leaf litter, clay and rock)
    • There's a rock drainage line along the track

    There are non-flush toilets at Bangalore Falls picnic area where this walk begins, but they're not accessible or ambulant.


    Gathering firewood


    Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dog walking and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


    NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

    Bangalore Falls walking track

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