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Battery Causeway picnic area

Heathcote National Park

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Battery Causeway picnic area is in Sydney’s Heathcote National Park. It’s a peaceful rest stop along Pipeline trail or Bullawaring track, near Lake Eckersley picnic area.

This is a great spot for a picnic lunch as you explore the walking tracks, bike trails, and bush campgrounds of Heathcote National Park. On a hot day, cool your feet in the freshwater creek at the concrete causeway.

Battery Causeway picnic area is a 3.7km walk or mountain bike ride along Pipeline trail, from Heathcote train station. It’s a 7km steep walk via Bullawarring walking track, from Waterfall train station.


  • Bullawarring walking track, Heathcote National Park. Photo: Nick Cubbin

    Bullawarring walking track

    For great Sydney bushwalking, visit Heathcote National Park, near Waterfall in the Sutherland shire; combine your hike with birdwatching and freshwater swimming.

  • Lake Eckersley campground, Heathcote National Park. Photo: Nick Cubbin © OEH

    Lake Eckersley picnic area

    For a great day out just an hour south of Sydney, head to Lake Eckersley picnic area. Located near Waterfall in Heathcote National Park, this remote spot is a scenic place to swim and bushwalk.

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