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Tiara lookout

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

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Tiara lookout is in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park along Tiara walking track. It’s a great spot to enjoy stunning views of Tia Gorge and Tia Falls.

To reach Tiara lookout from Tia Falls picnic area, trek along medium-difficulty Tiara walking track for about 30-45 minutes. You'll be rewarded by spectacular bird’s-eye views across the meandering gorge to the multi-layered cascades of Tia Falls.


  • Tia Falls picnic area, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. Photo: Josh Smith © DPE

    Tia Falls picnic area

    Tia Falls picnic area is a great family stop over with barbecue facilities, walks, and scenic waterfall views over the gorge country, just off Oxley Highway.

  • Tiara walking track, Tia Falls, Oxley Wild River National Park. Photo © Gerhard Koertner

    Tiara walking track

    Tiara walking track is a medium difficulty hike leading to a spectacular lookout with scenic views over Tia River, just a short drive off Oxley Highway.

  • View past trees to a waterfall cascading in steps into a deep gorge. Photo © Jessica Stokes

    Tiara View lookout

    Tiara View lookout is in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, along Tiara walking track. It’s a great place to enjoy views of Tia Falls and Tia Gorge, near Walcha.

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  • in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park in the North Coast and Country NSW regions
  • Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

  • There are 3 areas in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park where you'll need day use vehicle permits: Halls Peak campground and picnic area, Riverside campground and picnic area, and Youdales Hut campground and picnic area. Day use vehicle permits can be bought online or by calling the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757. If camping, permit fees are included in the campground fee.

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