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Lindsay Rock Tops lookout

Mount Kaputar National Park

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Lindsay Rock Tops lookout is in Mount Kaputar National Park along Bundabulla Circuit walking track. It offers stunning views of an ancient volcanic landscape and the Liverpool Plains.

You can reach Lindsay Rock Tops lookout along Lindsay Rock Tops walking track or the longer Bundabulla Circuit walking track. The lookout offers panoramic views of a dramatic landscape formed by ancient lava flows. You’ll also see the Liverpool Plains and distant ranges. 

These lava flows are home to the Mount Kaputar rock skink, found nowhere else in the world. Don’t move rocks and resist the urge to build rock cairns. Moving rocks destroys shelters that these unique reptiles use to conceal themselves from predators, and removes the travel-ways that help them move safely across rock shelves.


  • People walking along Bundabulla circuit walking track, Mount Kaputar National Park. Photo: Boris Hlavica © DPIE

    Bundabulla circuit walking track

    Bundabulla circuit walking track connects several walking tracks together. It offers a terrific bushwalking experience with places to picnic along the way and views of Mount Kaputar and surrounds.

  • Panoramic view of bushland, ridges and distant valleys from Bundabulla lookout. Photo © Jessica Stokes

    Bundabulla lookout

    Bundabulla lookout is in Mount Kaputar National Park along Bundabulla Circuit walking track. It’s a great spot to enjoy eagle’s eye views of the Liverpool Plains and surrounding ranges.

  • Sweeping vista of rocky ridges and forest-clad mountains and valleys. Photo © Jessica Stokes

    Eckford lookout

    Visit Eckford lookout along Bundabulla Circuit walking track. Perched on the clifftops, it’s a great place to enjoy sweeping views when you visit Mount Kaputar National Park.

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