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Apsley Landslide lookout

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

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Apsley Landslide lookout is in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park along Aspley Gorge Rim walking track. It's a great spot to view a huge natural landslide.

Visit this lookout to gain perspective on the powers of nature at work in the Oxley gorge system. A massive natural landslide of slate walls that took place in 1987 is still visible today.

These maps give a basic overview of park attractions and facilities, and may not be detailed enough for some activities. We recommend that you buy a topographic map before you go exploring.

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  • in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park in the North Coast and Country NSW regions
  • Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

  • There are 3 areas in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park where you'll need day use vehicle permits: Halls Peak campground and picnic area, Riverside campground and picnic area, and Youdales Hut campground and picnic area. Day use vehicle permits can be bought online or by calling the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757. If camping, permit fees are included in the campground fee.

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