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Gulaga creation experience

Gulaga National Park

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Immerse yourself in the world's oldest living culture at Gulaga National Park, near Narooma. Walk with the Traditional Custodians of Yuin Country during this 2-day experience of Aboriginal culture.


Tours run from October to May. Please contact Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness for dates.

No wheelchair access
Easy. Suitable for all ages.

Contact Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness for pricing.

Bookings required. Book online or call 0408 272 121 for more information.
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You're invited to Yuin Country in Gulaga National Park to walk and listen to the sacred Dreaming of creation that Gulaga holds. By sharing their culture and generational knowledge, your guides will show you that traditional Aboriginal culture is truly alive in south-eastern Australia.

Gulaga Mountain is the centrepiece of the Yuin People. As traditional knowledge holders and teachers, Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness will connect you to the creation stories. Your lead guide, Dwayne 'Naja' Bannon-Harrison has 9 generations of cultural teachings to pass on. At the end of this experience, you'll walk away with a piece of the sacred Dreaming of the Yuin People.

Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness is a licensed commercial tour operator with a Parks Eco Pass.

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