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The Newnes Plateau Cliffs

Gardens of Stone National Park


For self-reliant walkers, climbers and mountain bikers, Newnes Plateau is a wonderland of challenging experiences and awe-inspiring views.

Gardens of Stone National Park
Opening times

The Newnes Plateau cliffs are always open but sections may close due to poor weather or fire danger.

Please note
  • You’ll need to bring all provisions for your activity and overnight stays in Gardens of Stone National Park
  • You should be an experienced walker, climber, canyoner or trail bike rider to undertake these activities at Newnes Plateau.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen and hat
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch
  • You’ll need to bring drinking and cooking water
  • You’ll need topographic maps and a compass or a GPS
  • This park is in a remote location, so please make sure you’re well-prepared, bring appropriate clothing and equipment and advise a family member or friend of your travel plans.
  • You’re encouraged to bring gas or fuel stoves, especially in summer during the fire season

This is the stuff adrenalin junkies’ dreams are made of. Whether your thing is bushwalking, canyoning, rock-climbing or mountain-biking, Newnes Plateau is an adventure wonderland.

While you’re here, you’ll catch breathtaking views of the meandering Wolgan River, the high mesas of Pantoneys Crown and Donkey Mountain, and the stunning rock formations that Gardens of Stone is famous for. Deep in the bush you’ll see a wonderful variety of habitats including alpine grasses and dwarf heath, and the magnificent eucalypts recognised by the area’s World Heritage listing. You’ll also enjoy a fantastic array of birdlife as well as kangaroos, wallabies, and gliders moving through the bush around you.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info


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A family walk a boardwalk section of Bouddi coastal walk, Bouddi National Park. Photo: John Spencer/OEH.
Wolgan Valley, Gardens of Stone National Park. Photo: Hamilton Lund