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Butterbox Canyon

Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park

Open, check current alerts 


For fit and experienced climbers only, Butterbox Canyon near Leura is a challenging technical route. Come ready for lots of abseiling, unavoidable swims, and an exposed rock climb to make your exit.

No wheelchair access
Time suggested
Hard. You must have a high level of fitness, rock climbing skills and navigational skills.
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It's a good idea to let someone know where you're going. Fill in a trip intention form to send important details about your trip to your emergency contact.

Personal Locator Beacon

Hire a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) for free at Blue Mountains Heritage Centre in Blackheath.

What to
Canyoning equipment, helmet, wetsuit, mobile phone, dry bag, drinking water, sturdy shoes, suitable clothing, first aid kit, personal locator beacon, snacks, lunch
Please note
  • Fill out the log book at the canyon entrance. Check the log to see who is ahead of you.
  • Pace yourself to manage wait times at the abseil. Allow others behind you to do the same.
  • You may encounter commercial tour groups and long waits at abseil and climb-out points.
  • Don’t visit the canyon just before, during or after heavy rainfall or storms. Check park alerts before you go.
  • Planning a guided tour? Choose a Parks Eco Pass operator. Only Parks Eco Pass holders are permitted to operate tours in Blue Mountains National Park.

Come prepared if you want to tackle 600m-long Butterbox Canyon near Leura in Blue Mountains National Park. Located on Mount Hay’s flanks and also known as Mount Hay Canyon, it’s a cool and shaded location, making warmer summer months the best time of year to go.

You should only try this technical canyon if you have basic rock-climbing skills. Proficiency with ropes and other canyoning equipment is also essential. To complete this route you’ll need to do down-climbs, jumps, difficult scrambles and swims. Be prepared for a total walk of 4km and 7 abseils, including one with a long drop of 20m.

Navigating to and from this canyon is challenging. From the Mount Hay Road carpark, follow the track to a downclimb corner. From here it’s 4 abseils down toward Rocky Points Creek. This is followed by another abseil to reach the point where you must make the unavoidable 20m swim at the start of the canyon.

To exit the canyon, you’ll need to ascend an exposed rock-climbing route, then hike out over steep terrain.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info

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