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Waterfall safety

Waterfalls can offer amazing photo opportunities and are adventurous places to cool off after a long, hot walk. Please take note of these tips to stay safe around waterfalls:

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  • Stay behind railings and barriers—they are preventing you from falling over the edge.
  • Rocks and paths around waterfalls can be extremely slippery and are not suitable for walking.
  • Don't jump into pools at the base of waterfalls if you cannot see the bottom of the rock pool and have not checked for submerged objects.
  • Never jump into waterfalls from heights.
  • Never swim alone—ensure that someone is always with you to provide help if you need it.
  • Drought periods will reduce the amount of water flowing over waterfalls.You may not be able to swim or collect water for treatment or drinking.
  • Take extra care after heavy rain, as waterfalls can carry large amounts of rushing water and are usually not safe to cross or swim under.
  • Waterfalls are often remote and the water may not be suitable for drinking. Be sure to take enough bottled water for your trip.
  • Be aware of currents and under currents.