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Park safety after fire

The 2019/2020 fires have impacted the landscape and infrastructure in many NSW national parks. 

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Some parks, activities and attractions will re-open after they are cleared as safe. Others need to remain closed to allow for recovery works or to protect the remaining areas of unburnt habitat.  

When you visit, it’s important to stay on existing tracks and trails. Not only is it unsafe to wander off into other areas, but this also causes erosion and damage to fragile, recovering ecosystems.

These are some of the risks you should be aware of if you’re visiting a park that has been impacted by fire:

  • Fallen trees may block tracks and trails
  • Trees or branches could fall at any time
  • Rocks and slopes may be more unstable than usual
  • Some infrastructure could be damaged or missing, including: signs, information boards, fences and barriers along tracks, huts, or picnic shelters.
  • Adventure sport infrastructure, like rock climbing bolts, could be damaged or missing.
  • Creeks could flood more quickly than usual after rain if lots of vegetation is missing and the water drains away into those creeks quickly.
  • Water quality in creeks could be affected by an increase in ash and sediment so please consider this if you’re relying on creeks as a water source. 

Always check for alerts and closures before you visit a park, and read more about how to stay safe in NSW National parks.

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