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Snow driving and snow chains

Heading to the snow? Driving in snowy and icy conditions needs special attention. Read our tips for safe snow driving and when you need to use snow chains.

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Plan your trip

  • Check if there are any park alerts or closures before you go.
  • Check weather and road conditions before you leave home and again before you leave your destination to return home. Get live traffic information and check the weather before you go. 
  • Roads can close in extreme weather because of rain, wind and sub-zero temperatures. There is also potential for trees and branches to fall which may block access in and out of an area. It's safer to delay non-essential travel in extreme weather or poor road conditions.
  • The carparks at Perisher (including Guthega, Smiggin Holes and Bullocks Flat), Mount Selwyn and Thredbo may fill up. If you're advised that carparks are full, make alternative plans. 
  • To check the carpark status: Check the Live Traffic website, pay attention to roadside digital signs on approach to the mountains or contact our visitor centres.

Snow driving tips

  • Four-wheel drive vehicles are best suited for driving in snow and ice conditions.
  • You’ll need to watch for signs of tiredness. Be patient and take a break. If you’re not enjoying the drive, it’s time to stop for a while. 
  • For your safety, leave double the normal distance between you and the car in front.
  • Don’t brake hard and avoid sharp steering movements. Stopping on icy roads take a lot longer.
  • Your radiator needs effective antifreeze.
  • Diesel vehicles will need winter diesel. This is a diesel fuel enhanced to prevent it from gelling in cold weather conditions.
  • Tyres should have good grip and be in good condition.

Do I need snow chains in Kosciuszko National Park?

All 2WD vehicles will need to carry snow chains between the June long weekend and the October long weekend on the following roads:

  • Kosciuszko Road from the park boundary at Thredbo River.
  • Alpine Way between Thredbo and Tom Groggin.
  • Island Bend/Guthega Road for its full length.
  • Snow chains are also recommended on Alpine Way between Jindabyne and Thredbo, and on Snowy Mountains Highway.

The road from Khancoban to Cabramurra and many of Kosciuszko National Park's minor roads are closed in winter.

Snow chains are not compulsory for 4WD and AWD vehicles but we recommended you carry them during winter. Especially if you're not used to driving on alpine roads affected by snow and ice.

Hiring and using snow chains

You can hire snow chains at service stations and ski hire shops. You need to fit snow chains to your vehicle when prompted by park signs or park rangers, Police, or Roads and Maritime Services officers.

More information about driving in the snow is available on theSnowsafe website.