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Sugar glider

The sugar glider is a tree-dwelling Australian native marsupial, found in tall eucalypt forests and woodlands along eastern NSW. The nocturnal sugar glider feeds on insects and birds, and satisfies its sweet tooth with nectar and pollens.

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The small, agile sugar glider is the most common glider in Australia. Similar to the squirrel glider, this nocturnal tree-dwelling marsupial has a square membrane that allows it to glide up to 90m between trees.

Active at night, sugar gliders feed on insects, small birds and mammals.

With an insatiable sweet tooth, the glider seeks out nectar, tree sap and pollen for its sugar fix. Tree-top living is a communal affair, where they will often nest in tree hollows shared by other male and female sugar gliders and their young.

Animal facts

Common name
Sugar glider
Scientific name
Petaurus breviceps
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this animal is found