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A hardy Australian native plant, the saltbush is a small spreading shrub that can withstand dry salty soils such as those found in the desert plains of western NSW. It is grey-white in colour and has small spear-shaped succulent leaves. It flowers from December to April.

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The saltbush grows in the semi-arid and arid regions of mainland Australia. While usually found in dry environments, saltbush can also grow amongst granite tors and wet claypan margins.

The species of saltbush known as 'Atriplex nummularia' is the largest of the Australian saltbush, growing to heights of 3m. Atriplex nummularia has semi-succulent, diamond shaped leaves and slender branches. This hardy desert plant flowers between December to April. The fruit of the saltbush is encased in leaf-like structures known as bracteoles.

Threats to saltbush include grazing and trampling by stock, weeds and clearing of habitat.

Plant facts

Common name
Scientific name
Atriplex nummularia
Conservation status in NSW

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