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Red kangaroo

The red kangaroo is one of the most iconic Australian animals and the largest marsupial in the world. Large males have reddish fur and can reach a height of 2m, while females are considerably smaller and have blue-grey fur. Red kangaroos are herbivores and mainly eat grass.

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These kangaroos live in arid and semi-arid zones of Australia. Their diet, including part of their water intake, consists of native grasses, and their populations are therefore very sensitive to droughts.

The red kangaroo is a highly social species and can often be found gathering in large groups, called ‘mobs’. Boxing among males in the group takes place to establish authority, with the dominant male leading the mob.

Red kangaroos can’t move their legs independently of one another, which is why they hop. Their powerful hind legs and large muscular tail allow them to reach speeds of over 56km and jump up to 1.8m high.

Animal facts

Common name
Red kangaroo
Scientific name
Macropus rufus
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this animal is found