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Grass tree

An iconic part of the Australian landscape, the grass tree is widespread across eastern NSW. These Australian native plants have a thick fire-blackened trunk and long spiked leaves. They are found in heath and open forests across eastern NSW. The grass tree grows 1-5m in height and produces striking white-flowered spikes which grow up to 1m long.

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Only found in Australia, the grass tree is a hardy native that thrives in well-drained soils across the continent.

With several species, including the southern and dwarf varieties, grass trees are widespread across eastern NSW from the coastal regions extending inland. All species have been given the common name of ‘grass trees’ as they are ‘monocots’, which are able to form trunks from their long, thin leaves.

Although a slow-growing plant, grass trees can grow to a height of 1-5m. It not only tolerates but flourishes after bushfires, as fire encourages prolific flowering.

Plant facts

Common name
Grass tree
Scientific name
Xanthorrea spp.
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this plant is found