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Flannel flower

The delicate flannel flower is so named because of the soft woolly feel of the plant. Growing in the NSW south coast region, extending to Narrabri in the Central West and up to south-east Queensland, its white or pink flowers bloom all year long, with an extra burst of colour in the spring.

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The flannel flower is an Australian wildflower that grows in coastal heath, scrub and dry sclerophyll forest. It thrives in a range of environments, including shallow sandy soils.

The erect shrub grows 30-90cm in height. The more common flannel flower has a creamy white flower, while the ridge flannel flower is a delicate pink.

The flannel flower blooms all year long, with a flourish of buds in the spring. If you look closely, the flowerheads are actually made up of a globe-like cluster of tiny flowers ringed by petal-like bracts.

Plant facts

Common name
Flannel flower
Scientific name
Actinotus helianthi
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this plant is found