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Common ringtail possum

Commonly found in forests, woodlands and leafy gardens across eastern NSW, the Australian ringtail possum is a tree-dwelling marsupial. With a powerful tail perfectly adapted to grasp objects, it forages in trees for eucalypt leaves, flowers and fruit.

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One of the more common nocturnal Australian animals, the ringtail possum occurs throughout eastern Australia and can be found in forests and gardens across eastern NSW. This tree-dwelling marsupial has powerful claws that help it cling to branches as it searches for gum leaves, flowers and fruits.

The ringtail possum has a long prehensile tail which has a bare patch - to help it grasp branches - and a distinctive white tip. These Australian native animals sleep during the day in spherical nests lined with moss, shredded bark and grasses. Family groups may build and occupy communal nests within close range of each other and they become attached to these sites.

Animal facts

Common name
Ringtail possum
Scientific name
Pseudocheirus peregrinus
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this animal is found