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Brown-striped frog

One of the most common frogs found in Australia, the ground-dwelling brown-striped frog lives in ponds, dams and swamps along the east coast. Also known as the striped marsh frog, this amphibian grows to 6.5cm across and has a distinctive ‘tok’ call that can be heard all year round.

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With a distinctive stripe down its back, the brown-striped frog is a powerful jumper.

These ground-dwelling amphibians can be heard all year round, as they call from the water’s edge or while floating partially submerged in water. They can easily be heard thanks to their ‘tok’ call.

In the southern regions, they breed in summer, unlike the north, where brown-striped frogs can breed all year round. The female brown-striped frog lays eggs into a floating bubble mass that disintegrates as the eggs hatch.

Animal facts

Common name
Brown-striped frog
Scientific name
Lymnastes peronii
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this animal is found