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Compliance notices

A compliance notice may be issued if you visit certain NSW national parks, such as Royal National Park, without a valid pass.

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If you've been issued with a compliance notice or penalty infringement notice, it must be paid in accordance with the instructions provided on the notice.

If you've received a compliance notice for any of the following Sydney parks, please refer to instructions on the notice or use the payment options listed below.

  • Royal National Park
  • Kamay Botany Bay National Park
  • Georges River National Park
  • Bents Basin National Park
  • Cattai National Park

A compliance notice for these parks can be paid by:

Phone: Call 02 9542 0666

Post: Address to PUF Officer, PO Box 144, Sutherland NSW 1499

Enquiries: Please contact

Daily vehicle entry fees are charged at these 45 parks, of the more than 870 NSW parks and reserves managed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. You may be issued with a compliance notice or penalty infringement notice if you visit one of these parks without displaying your vehicle entry fee payment or a relevant annual pass.