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Heathland environments

The heathland environments of NSW are comprised of shrubs and heath which, due to their abundance of pollen and nectar, attract a diverse array of heathland animals and plants. This makes them an excellent environment in which to go bushwalking and bird watching.

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Heathlands are areas where soil and wind conditions prevent the growth of tall trees, leading to a domination of shrubs and heaths. Most heathland plants produce large seeds packed with nutrients, to ensure successful establishment under the harsh conditions.

Copious amounts of pollen and nectar attract a diverse array of nectar-feeding birds and mammals, which also feed on insects drawn by the abundance of flowers.

The plants found here, including banksia, wattle and grevillea, have an unmistakable Gondwanda heritage, with virtually every species belonging to southern-hemisphere families and orders.

Heathlands are associated with some of Australia’s most distinctive and inspirational coastal and mountain scenery. Dramatic coastal cliff-top views are awe-inspiring places to go walking or bird watching.

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